Dealer Terms and Conditions is not a heating oil company. was formed to allow heating oil dealers to advertise and sell their heating oil online. the website acts solely as a bridge to bring customers and oil dealers together.

Heating Oil Dealers agree to the following:

The use of by you the Heating Oil Dealer, agree to the conditions set forth below in this agreement and are accepted by you. Accepting these terms are legally equivalent to signing a written document. Agreement to these terms is required to be a heating oil dealer on

  1. Heating Oil Dealers who participate on agree not to hold responsible in any form, including errors in delivery, pricing, property damage, problems with heating system, running out of oil and any and all damages or injury that were sustained in error or by accident by heating oil dealer or customer.’s only purpose is to provide a convenient method for┬áheating oil dealers┬áto sell heating oil and customers to purchase heating oil.
  2. Heating Oil Dealers agree that their Cash and Credit Card oil prices posted on will not exceed their own prices, including promotions, any and all advertisements, rebates, telephone quotes, displays on their website, and any form of pricing to the customer.
  3. does not guarantee that customers will be home when delivery is scheduled. Heating Oil Dealers should contact the customer prior to delivery to make payment arrangements.
  4. oil dealer fee for receiving an order from a customer is $3.00 per order. This is a flat fee and remains the same regardless of how much oil is delivered. If the oil dealer is unable to deliver the oil, will not charge the $3.00 fee.
  5. No promotions or discounts can be offered to customers on current or future deliveries. This includes “refer a friend” type promotions or discounts on the next delivery.
  6. All delivery orders received by will be forwarded via email. The heating oil dealer, customer, and will receive a copy of the email.
  7. All Invoicing for transaction fees will be done via email. Invoices are to be paid upon receipt. If the Invoice is not paid within 15 days, the heating oil dealers’ account will be suspended until invoice is paid. If payment is not received within 30 days, we will use any and all means necessary to get paid. This includes posting to the internet any and all information regarding the unpaid invoice including but not limited to, unwilling or unable to pay, reviews and complaints,etc.
  8. reserves the right to remove any heating oil company from at their discretion for any reason whatsoever.
  9. is not responsible for any technical or software related issues or failures of any kind. Under no circumstance will be liable for any damages or injury of any kind that result from the use of the website.
  10. Heating Oil Dealers agree not to show its name or any slogans etc. that will allow the company to be easily identified.
  11. will remove any Heating Oil Dealer that actively persuades in any form a customer not to use for their future heating oil needs.
  12. There is no requirement to use the website. The Heating Oil Dealer can start and stop using at anytime.
  13. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions as and when needed. We encourage you to check back often. Last updated November 1, 2015