FAQs About Oil Delivery From Cheapest Home Heating Oil

What is CheapestHomeHeatingOil.com?

ChepeastHomeHeatingOil.com is an online marketplace that enables you to compare Connecticut hoe heating oil prices for home heating oil and order deliveries without a long-term commitment. Simply choose an CT oil company and place an order at your convenience. You’ll be able to choose how many gallons you want and when you’d like the oil delivered. The goal is to give you control over your oil deliveries and enable you to find the lowest price every time.

Why use CheapestHomeHeatingOil.com For Cheap Home Oil?

Purchasing oil through CheapestHomeHeatingOil.com provides a number of benefits. First of all, you don’t need to lock yourself into a long-term contract with a single fuel oil company or commit to a certain number of deliveries per year. You can choose exactly who to order from, when to place an order, and how many gallons you need. This means that you can make choices based on the fluctuating price of oil and based on your own household’s needs.

What Is The Cost To Use Your Home Heating Oil Website?

Free! CheapestHomeHeatingOil.com is completely free to use to anyone.

Do I have to make an account to order oil online?

No. You can use our website and place home heating oil orders without needing to register.

What happens after I place an oil order?

After you place an order request through our website, the heating oil company will contact you directly to schedule your delivery. You’ll set up a time that works on your schedule. We’ll also send you the company’s contact details after you submit an order request, so you’ll always be able to get in touch with them.

How do I pay for oil after ordering it?

When you order oil, you’ll pay the heating oil company directly rather than through CheapestHomeHeatingOil.com. All of the oil companies accept cash or credit card, and you can pay them upon delivery.

Will I get lower quality oil than when I have a long-term contract?

No. Most oil companies acquire their oil from the same places. Whether you order one gallon of oil or have a year-long contract, you’re going to receive the same quality of oil.

How do I know that I’ve received the right amount of oil?

Each oil delivery truck has a standard meter that shows the precise amount of oil delivered. These meters are sealed by the Department of Weights and Measures and regularly inspected, so you can trust them to be accurate.

Why are the prices of “COD” companies so much lower?

Large oil companies that use annual contracts and monthly billing roll a lot of extra expenses into their fuel prices, such as truck fuel, repair technicians, and repair parts. Homeowners who purchase these plans may receive extra services, such as regular inspections and repairs. However, customers who don’t end up needing repairs are still paying a higher monthly rate. COD, or cash on delivery, companies are simply charging for the oil itself. This means they can offer a significantly lower price per gallon.

What happens if I ordered more oil than what was delivered?

If you paid for an order using your credit card, your card will be charged for the original amount you ordered. Sometimes, you may end up needing less oil on the day of the delivery. In this case, when your oil company marks your delivery as complete, they’ll calculate the actual amount of oil you received. If you received less than your original order, the difference will automatically be refunded to your card. Typically, it will take 3-5 business days for this refund to appear on your card statement.