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Why become a Dealer?

  • It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free.
  • Free online presence and exposure.
  • Reach more fuel oil consumers in your own delivery area.
  • Displays all important company information in a convenient search engine.
  • Add or change slogans, text advertisements, and general information any time with ease.
  • Test market new service areas without expensive advertising.
  • Help increase industry credibility with added convenience for your consumers.
  • Select only the areas you want to deliver to. They can be changed at any time.
  • Update your prices quickly and conveniently.

What’s the cost?

Participating members are oil companies that participate in online delivery sales. There is no monthly fee as a participating member, only a small transaction fee per delivery ONLY if you are provided with an oil delivery order through our site. There is no fee for participating members if no oil deliveries are ordered for their company. Transaction fees are a flat rate per sale, regardless of total order size. Fees are as follows:

A flat fee of $3 per Customer provided through our site.
If the Dealer is unable to deliver the oil, CheapestHomeHeatingOil.com will not charge the $3 fee.

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