Don’t Scrimp On Heating Oil This Winter Just to Save Money

Don’t Scrimp On Heating Oil This Winter Just to Save Money

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Heating oil can be expensive. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimated that the average homeowner paid $2,046 for home heating oil in 2021. That’s serious money! If you need to save money this winter, you might be tempted to use less oil to heat your home. This will make for a very uncomfortable experience.

No amount of layering sweaters and socks will make you feel better when temperatures sink close to the single digits at night, as they are predicted to do in Connecticut toward the end of January.

A fire in the fireplace can give you a little warmth, but then you’ll be stuck huddling around it in a single room in your home. Freezing cold temperatures will make it hard for you to enjoy your time at home and for your kids to focus and get their homework done.

Instead of buying less heating oil, save money on the heating oil you do purchase, by comparing the prices of dealers throughout your area. You don’t have to do this on your own! Just put your zip code into, and we’ll do the comparison for you! We can compare heating oil prices for the cities of Naugatuck, Newington, New London, and many other cities throughout Connecticut.