FAQs About Tank Treatments From Cheapest Home Heating Oil

Cheapest Home Heating OilWhat is a tank treatment?
A tank treatment consists of a very strong chemical applied in a large dose as an initial shock treatment for your oil tank.  This treatment eliminate sludge, rust, bacteria and condensation.
Why do I need to it?
If a sludge buildup is present in your tank. your lines running from the tank to the boiler will become clogged.  This prevents the oil from reaching your broiler or furnace.  The sludge travels through the lines and effects your nozzle and filters.  Your fuel pump will have to work harder to pull oil though the lines.  This will result in the unnecessary service calls and the expense of replacement parts.
Will it Work?
When a sludge problem is found you have two choices.  Replacement of the tank or chemical treatment.  We have found that the chemical treatment solves the problem in 98% of customer’s tanks, without the high cost of replacing the tank.